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My Favourite Poster

Name: Monica Lai

Birthday: December 27th

Hair Color and Style: Medium long straight black hair

Eyes: Black

Favourite Foods: Ice Cream, Strawberry

Least: Hazelnuts

Favourite Colors: Green

Favourite Animal: Cats

Favourite Flowers: Dandelion, Tulip, Poppies 

Favourite Anime: Sailormoon(of course!), Pocket Monsters, Miyu, Marmalade Boy, Boys Before Flowers, Tin Tin, Simspons

Favourite TV shows: Friends, E.R, S Club in L.A., La Famme Nikita 

Favourite Recent Movies: Autumn In New York, Chicken Run, Down To You

Misc.: Besides being an obsessed fan of Sailormoon, loves Disney too

Special Strengths: Patient

Hobbies: Reading, Listening to Music(i have a lot of soundtracks too), Origami, Doll house, Beadswork

Spare Time: Browsing book stores, toy shops, amazon, concerts,theatres, HMV

Dislikes: who's smoke in the public areas that stated no smoking

Qualities: Cheerful/Happy, Positive

Weakness: Sometimes fall asleep easily

Occupation: Engineer. Travelling frequently in search of work.


System: Intel Pentium II 300 MHz, Asus A.P.G P2L97 mainboard, 128 MB RAM, IBM 4.3GB Hard Drive x 3, Asus 34XMAX CD-Rom, 8X Read / 2X Write Sony CD-R drive, Topcon SD 17" monitor, Matrox Millennium II Graphics card (8 MB WRAM), Soundblaster 16 PnP, Hayes Accura 56k speakerphone modem, OpticPro 4800p flatbed colour scanner, HP DeskJet 690C printer.

Computer most used for

  1. Work & Studies
  2. Internet  (news-browing, email, www)
  3. Games (my favourites=mastermind, othello and 3D puzzle, maybe we can play on-line?)

If you still haven't fallen asleep and want to know even more about me, why don't you just write to me!

It's now YOUR turn to tell me about yourself!!

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